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  • Record Better Videos on Smartphones

    4 Types of Accessories That Can Help You to Record Better Videos on Smartphones

    If you want to really push your smartphone to its absolute limits as a video camera then having a bit of extra help can be useful. While there are so many types of accessories out there for smartphones, you should keep your eyes peeled for these four types in particular as they could make a big difference.

    • External flashes
    Most smartphones tend to come with pretty mediocre flashes (if any) and they rarely do the job as well as you would hope. That is why getting a nice little portable flash that you can hook up to your smartphone can help a lot – especially if you plan to be recording in conditions where lighting is poor.

    • Tripods and stabilizers
    One of the hardest things about recording videos on a smartphone is keeping your hands steady while you do so. Nowadays there are a variety of tripods, stabilizers and other types of smartphone holders that could make that a lot easier.

    • External microphones
    The microphone that comes on most smartphones normally isn’t that great, and an external microphone could make a big difference. Some external microphones attach to your smartphone itself while others can be clipped on elsewhere – so choose one that fits your needs accordingly.

    • Third party lenses
    While not as necessary as most other accessories, the third party lenses that you encounter can provide some improvements to clarity and also allow you to have better optical editor for smartphone

    While all these accessories have their part to play, it also helps to have a video editor on hand so that you can tweak the videos that you record. If you’re looking for an easy to use Android video editor then you should definitely cast your eyes on Clip&Go.

    Not only is Clip&Go extremely straightforward, but it also will give you several flexible features to play with. When you use it you will be able to load videos into the app, trim out unnecessary segments of video, merge clips together in the sequence that you desire and then add background music too.

    All in all that should let you create some nice little videos on your smartphone. If nothing else Clip&Go will certainly let you quickly process your videos and create a final cut that you can then go on to improve in other ways should you choose to do so.

  • event planning software

    5 Reason Why Do You Need Event Planning Software?

    The world of app and software is buzzing with new products every day. There are too many apps that are launched day in and day out and many of them are actually useful. Let us see the umpteen reasons as to why you would need event planner software.

    1. Minimize the manual errors

    It is common for people to make errors. When you have software that automates the task, it will be easier for you to handle the tasks and minimize the errors.

    2. Improved speed

    When you have a software working for you that will automate the tasks and streamline them, the speed with which the tasks and activities will be executed is definitely going to improve by leaps and bounds.

    3. Segregating the tasks

    When you have an event lined up, you need to take care of a lot of different tasks and activities. Segregating the tasks will help you be sure that you are following the right order and none of the activities will take a backseat. When you choose to use event planner software, it will help you segregate the big tasks into smaller ones and you will be able to coordinate everything a lot more efficiently.

    4. A better event

    There is no doubt about the fact that when you opt for a more professional approach and choose some of the finest software for the sake of planning the event, the whole event will turn out to be better and a lot more productive.
    So, it is upon you to take your event to the next level.

    5. Better time management

    When you need to plan everything yourself, it will be hard for you to handle time management. There are a hundred things you need to do. Having an efficient software means that you can easily take out time for other tasks too as the software will make things simpler and quicker.

    Owing to these five key reasons, it is better to choose event planner software. There are plenty of options at hand and you should wisely choose the best software which comes equipped with the much-needed features and capabilities.

  • Risks Scams using Vic Coins

    The Risks and Scams of using Vic Coins

    There are so many advantages ad benefits of the crypto currency that one cannot even imagine. But apart from all these advantages that are many in numbers, there are also the some of the cons or disadvantages of the crypto currency as well. These disadvantages can be assembled as discussed below:

    1) Untraceable

    This component of Vicoz of additionally draws in wrongdoing. Individuals can purchase and offer medications and other unlawful things with essentially less danger of being followed by powers. Vicoz s in such manner is like customary money which is utilized by crooks. This may bring undesirable consideration from governments that will ban Vicoz.

    2) Easy to lose

    In the event that your charge card is stolen or some person hacks into your financial balance there is a decent risk you won’t lose any cash as banks will settle your parity. Indeed, even money can be possibly recuperated if the police demonstrations quick. Be that as it may, with Vicoz in the event that you lose it you lost it for good. There is no instrument to recuperate stolen or lost Vicoz s. On the off chance that some person hacks into your wallet where you store your Vicoz s you lost them for good. The most ideal approach to store your Vicoz s is on circle that is detached from the web.

    3) Hard to exchange

    You can’t simply utilize a charge card to purchase Vicoz s online particularly due to the reasons laid out above. There is no simple approach to purchase them or offer them. There are numerous trades that offer such administrations in different ways, yet it’s not as simple as exchanging cash to and from a PayPal account just yet. This is liable to enhance quick as more administrations will contend to offer advantageous arrangements.

    4) Still too new

    Vicoz is just a couple of years old. It’s conceivable that a contending crypto money turns out to be more effective than Vicoz or that some individual in some way or another finds a noteworthy defect in the framework. We don’t have many years of history yet.
    Can’t purchase stuff; there isn’t a considerable measure of spots where Vicoz s are acknowledged as installment. This is liable to change, however for the time being the normal individual will for the most part purchase Vicoz s as speculation.

    5) Too unstable.

    At present Vicoz costs are going up like there’s no tomorrow. It’s possible that the cost will balance out at around US$10 from the current US$200. At present the cost is going up so quick a web shop would need to alter their costs every day on the off chance that they needed to acknowledge Vicoz s. It’s not extremely advantageous.
    For more information or research you are welcome to please contact at our VIC activity portal at or you can also join the VIC to understand the more advantages and problems related to the virtual currency.

  • Shopify designer

    The Benefits of Using a Specialist Shopify Designer

    When you are thinking about the design of your Shopify store as you are at the beginning of the planning stage, you may have spent a lot of time thinking about whether you would like to make the most of the Shopify design experts that have skills in this area. A lot of Shopify marketing will actually depend on your design, and for this reason you need to make sure that it is as good as it possibly can be. If you are thinking about using an expert for help, there are a number of reasons that you should do this, and by thinking about the benefits that an expert can provide, you should be able to ensure that your design is as good as possible.

    You will get a bespoke design

    Although there are a number of templates available for you to use for your store layout, it is always much better if you have something that was built specifically for you. Doing so means that no matter what types of things you are trying to sell, you can be sure that your design is going to help you and work towards exactly what you need.

    Up to date with the latest technology

    If you try to design your own store, there is a chance that you might not always be up to date with the latest developments in the industry. If, however, you have a Shopify designer to help you, they will know all of the most recent updates, meaning that your store will certainly keep up with the competition and make sure that you are ahead of the trends.

    Continual support

    Nothing is worse than building a store that looks great at the beginning, but fails to work for you in the long term. If you hire a Shopify designer, you should find that you are able to get the support that you need in both the short and long term, meaning that no matter what might happen, you will always have somebody that you are able to ask if you need help.

    Shopify design experts

    Save time

    When you are thinking about starting an eCommerce store, you will want to spend as much time as possible thinking about your business plan. With this being the case, you won’t have the time to be worrying about the design of your store as well, so it can be great to sign control over to somebody who has plenty of experience and understands exactly what to do. If you know that this is taken care of, you can focus all of your efforts on actually running your store, and this means that it is likely to be much more successful in the long term.

    Ultimately, if you have been thinking about hiring a Shopify design expert, there are a number of reasons that you should do this. It may well make a huge difference when it comes to the long term success of your store, and this means that it is certainly something that is worth considering in the future.

  • best way to remove write protection from pen drive

    Top 7 Ways to Remove Write Protection from Pendrive and Memory Card

    Guys i have seen many people asking questions like How to remove write protection? How to fix write protection? How to erase write protection and so on. But Dont worry this problem can be solved, you just need to read my full article because here i am providing you Top 7 ways to remove write protection.
    In this write protection when you will try to copy or delete files from penndrive or memory card it will show a message “The Disk is write protected” so if you want to get rid of this message you need to read my article which have Top 7 ways to remove write protection from pendrive and memory card. Teachers day images and Teachers day wallpapers.I am sure after reading this article you would be able to remove write protection from your pendrive or memory card.

    These are the Top 8 ways to remove write protection from pendrive and memory card.

    1. You should scan your pendrive or memory card with updated Antivirus

    Guys you should scan your pendrive and memory card with updated antivirus because there may be viruses in your pendrive or memory card which giving the error of write protection. For that you will need a powerful antivirus like NOD32. Just download this antivirus then update it and then scan your prendrive or memory card to remove write protection.

    2. You can unlock your pendrive/memory card

    Guys sometimes you lock your pendrive/memory card so this is also a reason as it is showing write protection. Just unlock your pendrive/memory card to remove write protection.

    If this method doesn’t work for you then try the 3rd method.

    3. Remove Write protection by using DOS

    We can remove fix write protection by using DOS. To open it, click on start menu then click on Run or you can simply tap “Windows Key + R” then in the Run, type Cmd and then hit enter.

    1. Type “diskpart” and hit enter, then a new window will open.
    2. Then type “list disk” in the new window and hit enter. (after pressing Enter DOS will show all the disk devices)
    3. Type “select disk 2” ( Note your pendrive/memory card marked as label 1 or 2)
    4. then Type “attributes disk clear readonly” then hit enter.
    5. Wait until the process finish then close the DOS.

    Guys this method may fix your write protected pendrive/memory card by 80%. But if this method doesn’t work for you then see the next one.

    4. Make sure your files are movable

    Guys some files is programmed like that you can’t copy them in any pendrive/memory card or we can say readonly files. Be sure that your files are not readonly. To remove readonly, right click on file and select properties, then in the attributes, uncheck the readonly tab.

    I hope this will fix your write protection problem but if this problem is still occuring then see the next method.

    5. Remove write protection by modifying your windows registry

    First guys open Run, simply by pressing “Windows key + R” then type regedit and then hit enter. A new window of registry editor will open. Guys go to that path


    After reaching this path, Find the registry key named “WriteProtect”, Just right click on it and then on modify. There you will see a value of 1, just replace this value to 0 then click ok. Now reinsert your Pendrive/Memory card or restart your pc.

    This method will remove write protection by 85% But if still you are facing write protection error then head for the next method.

    6. Remove write protection by right formatting method

    Remove write protection by right formating method. Just Right click on your pendrive/memory card then on format. Make sure the settings must be like that:

    File System: FAT32(Default)
    Allocation unit size: 4096 bytes
    Quick Format checked

    This will surely remove write protection but if the problem occuring again then see next method.

    7. Dead End has come of your pendrive/memory card

    Guys if none of the methods work for you then i can surely say that you pendrive/memory card has internal damage. So if your pendrive/memory card is in warranty then replace it to near service center or you need to Buy a New One!!

    Guys i hope you love my these methods but still if you have any doubt, question or any kind of problem ask me in comment without any hesitation.

  • Selling Bluetooth Speaker

    Top Selling Bluetooth Speaker of 2016

    Bluetooth speakers are creating a lot of buzz these days due to their portable design and big size output. These speakers can be carried to places as they are light in weight and most importantly these small sized wonders are very affordably priced. With increasing popularity and usability of these speakers, more and more companies are coming up with innovative products in this range. If you are not much aware of the technical specifications and sound quality of these speakers then it would be difficult to distinguish between the good and the best as all these speakers are designed with great aesthetics to attract the customers. To make things easier, we have found out the top selling Bluetooth Speaker of 2016 and here are the reasons that make it the best buy of the year!

    According to the research, popularity, sales, and other figures, the top selling Bluetooth Speaker of 2016 is Bose SoundLink Color, a small and trendy speaker with amazing sound output. Though there are many other in the race, there are some specific qualities that make this speaker one of the most popular ones.

    Like all other Bluetooth speakers SoundLink Color from Bose is also a sleek and lightweight speaker that is one of the most affordable and compact offerings from Bose. The main reason why people opt for Bose is the sound quality it offers and usually the small size of this speaker give the misleading impression but the fact is that this small sized speakers offer quite amazing sound output that is much louder for its size. There is no compromise in terms of quality as the company has maintained the quality for which it is very famous.

    Better Battery Backup for Uninterrupted Entertainment

    There are many applications of the Bluetooth speaker that has increased the number of users over years. Mostly the wireless connectivity and ability to be used on outdoor locations without any power source has made it so desirable. These speakers come with inbuilt battery that can be charged at regular intervals or when you have an accessible power source. The battery backup would decide the time for which the speaker with work outdoors. Bose SoundLink Color is designed keeping in the usability and uninterrupted performance. It offers 8 hour battery backup on each charge that is sufficient for the outdoor applications.

    Looks to Die For!

    Bose has been around in this industry from more than half a century and hence it has mastered the art of offering what the customers want. This speaker comes with sound output apt to the brand image and the looks that are trendy to match the young users’ demand. According to its name, SoundLink Color is offered in variety of colors. You will get plenty of color options to suit your mood. Though the color would no act as the deciding factor, most of the young users would get attracted to the playful design of this top selling speaker. It is available in mint green, red, blue, black, and white color options that are all very eye catchy.

    Bluetooth Speaker of 2016

    Dimensions to Fit in Your Palm

    Bluetooth speakers are mostly carried to different locations as they can be used for presentations, music, or video viewing on the outdoor locations. These speakers are perfect if you want to make presentations at the client’s location. Even while at home, the speaker is moved to different rooms according to the user requirement and that is why it needs to be lightweight and sleek. The dimensions of the speaker are 5.3 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 2.1 inches deep that make it so compact to fit in a palm. It weighs just 1.25 pounds and can be carried easily in the handbag or on palm to shift from one location to another.

    Simple Controls for Error-free Operation

    The controls are simple with play or pause button provided on the top along with simple volume control buttons. The pairing with devices is also very simple as you can pair it with multiple devices. The device remembers last 8 paired devices and connects easily but plays the track from one device at a time.

    best Bluetooth Speaker of 2016

    With so many advantages and competitive pricing, Bose SoundLink Color is surely a steal!
    Author Bio: is the reputed retailer known for bringing the latest Mobile Accessories models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. Company has fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across nation.

  • Cyberbullying facts girl

    Why Do Indulge in Cyberbullying

    The cyber bullies involve in bullying for various reasons. The data presented in the infographic shows various stats and facts. The primary reasons include the cyber bullies want to take revenge from someone, they need someone for fun and entertainment, and the person might have been a constant source of problems for the now-bullies and it might be for the reason that these bullies had experienced such tortures from the seniors in schools, colleges or have been kicked out of their homes. Whatever the reason is, all this is not good at all and when a bully uses his/her tricks on a junior fellow, he/she is indeed converting that junior into another bully and this way the number of cyber bullies goes on increasing rapidly.

    We need to keep our teens, kids and beloved ones away from such people who have bad circles and live their lives among the bad companies. Once we let our teens go to such groups, they will turn into spoiled youth and can become bullies in the future too. The bullies just love doing it and it makes them no difference that who the next person is. They simply take immense pleasure in teasing their targets and bully them. This might be due to few other reasons as well like when a boy or girl is not respected at home and not provided with enough money as well, he/she may turn into an offensive person who takes hands on the weak and produces what he/she wants.

    There are several mitigations that can help the parents and others help their cyber bully teen or child overcome the dilemma and get out of it. Monitoring apps can be used to keep tabs on the activities of such people so that they can’t harm the next generations.


    Author Bio:
    Elizbeth is an exemplary writer when it comes to consultation on parent-teen issues regarding digital media. She works with TheOneSpy blog as a senior and active contributor to provide her experienced based researches.

  • safe Mobile Transactions Software Apps

    Making Mobile Transactions More Secure With Mobile Software and Apps

    Today many mobile software/apps are available to install to ensure that the transactions carried on the mobiles are secure. Transferring funds and carrying out other important transactions can be a very sensitive task especially on the smartphones. Even though these smart phones and tablets have been around just for a few years but they have seen an immense change and growth and potential for business management. Many companies all across the world now offer business transactions via mobile apps. This makes the business management easy and efficient and also less time consuming.

    Then there are many more concerns that can hamper the transactions. There are always viruses, spyware, bugs and other potentially harmful software that can cause huge loss. It is also true to say that these mobile devices are far less secured than the computers. Here in this article are given a few ways that can be used to ensure mobile phone safety and also spying on the users to ensure safe transactions.

    Secure transactions:

    With all these technologies and its usage, there are always some dangers also. Carrying out transactions is good via a Smartphone but needs to be monitored port I should say spied on. Today the businessmen have given the kinds of cellophane to their employees to ensure quick business transactions. What they need to do also is to have some special apps like TheOneSpy installed on the smartphones to spy on them to ensure they are working and not conducting some fraud deal. There is much software that can contribute to ensuring that the transactions carried out are safe and secure and under the radar of the owner. You can search the web here to download spying software/apps.

    Downloading Applications from trusted sources:

    Many users and companies install 3rd party software. These can be harmful if not from the sources that are believed. One of the very common ways to ensure safe transactions is to make sure to download and install an application which is form a trusted developer. Getting an app form an outside the store may be harmful.
    There are some other alternatives such as Cydia App Store but they do not have that credibility which is provided and given by Apple or Google.

    Download after reading reviews and ratings for that App:

    Another way to ensure that there are secure transactions is to make sure that when you download an app, it has good reviews. Before you download to make sure that you read the reviews and see the number of downloads for that app. In general millions of users for an app is a good qualification for a trusted app. Try not to get the apps downloaded which do not have good reviews. The users who have used it also post reviews on bugs or other fixes needed, so be careful while downloading or giving these apps to the employees.

    Securing transactions from the Employers point of view:

    As an employer if you have given a task to an employee to make operations and such matters then you need to keep an eye on him or her too. It is not that you may not trust them, but they may not do it one time. Keeping an eye on the employees and tracking them all the time via the cell phone spying software and apps makes it easy and also ensures that the person entitled to do the job will do it on time. There are many spying software and apps that can be used to provide employee tracking and management.

    Author Bio:
    Bellais a strong believer of utilizing technology at its best and writes articles for the very purpose of empowering people with the right technological tools available in the market. She blogs at TheOneSpy.

  • Exclusive Tech Gadgets

    11 Exclusive Tech Gadgets That Are Going To Change Business

    The first half of the year is almost over and it is time once again to update your arsenal of tech gadgets and other resources for business. Whether you are always on the go or are frequently on business trips in different parts of the world, here is a simple guide to keep you updated on the latest offering and resources available today.

    1. Universal Chargers

    If you are regularly on business trips, you need power! This amazing accessory will keep all of your essential devices charged and ready for business meetings and other activities. It is small and lightweight and there are different kinds for specific needs. Whether you only use a laptop and smartphone or you need several gadgets for business, there is a universal charger that will fit your needs.

    2. World-Compatible Phones

    If you will be visiting other countries for business, you will need a phone that can accommodate foreign SIM cards so you can have access to data and make phone calls without spending a lot of money. One example is the Nokia 301 which is a specially updated version of a regular Nokia cellphone. It is very simple and easy to use, offering quad-band technology for multi-nation use.

    3. Fuse Crunch Technology

    Being updated on all the tech gadgets and news in the industry is essential if you want to be globally competitive. It is still all about globalization and it will be for a long time. Fuse Crunch Technology should be on top of your bookmark list so can truly be globally competitive.
    Read more here:

    4. Universal Plug Adapters

    To keep your laptop and other gadgets charged for business trips abroad, you will need one or two plug adapters for convenient plug-and-play action. You can find these very useful devices in your local hardware store or any shop that sells gadgets.

    5. Gadget Organization Systems

    You need to protect your gadgets when you’re travelling. Just think of those unruly airport baggage handlers that became viral on social media. There are many organization systems for gadgets that come with elastic bands and protective features.

    6. Glozine World News

    Keeping up with the fast-paced tech industry is a must for everyone in business. Glozine World News is an amazing resource for many different things. One of the most important is the latest tech developments which can help take your business to the next level.
    Get more detailed information here:

    7. Special portable Keyboards

    Portable keyboards have been around for some time already but newer, more hi-tech versions have become available recently. You can take them anywhere and not have to worry about packing since newer models are now a lot lighter and thinner. The latest models boast spill-resistance and many are very affordable at around $30 which is worth every penny.

    8. Noise-cancelling Earphones or Headphones

    Whether you’re on a flight with rowdy kids or at a hotel with noisy neighbors, noise-cancelling earphones or headphones can be an effective tool that will ensure the success of your business trip. It is invaluable if you suddenly need to Skype with business associates or work on a deadline for your boss. You can even use it to relax and manage stress when you’re on the road. You may have to spend a little on good models from reputable brands but it is definitely worth it.

    9. Luggage Tags

    Luggage tags are not really new but it is an excellent tool used by experienced business travellers. One of the hardest things regarding air travel is finding your luggage at the airport. There are unique travel tags that can make this a lot easier so you can spot your luggage easily. Look for bright and colorful tags to save a lot of time when you’re headed to your destination for business.

    10. Travel Routers

    Travel routers are invaluable for business travellers who need to be online all the time. There are even models that can act as a serviceable portable battery and network-attached storage. The new models are small and can fit easily in a regular laptop bag. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on this invaluable device, there are good models being sold below $20.

    11. HDMI Pocket-Sized Projectors

    If you’re in sales, this is an amazing tech gadget for business presentations. The latest models can fit in the palm of your hand and can be stored in your pocket when you’re running to presentations. These amazing gadgets can crank out 1080 high-definition video up to 60 inches diagonally, connecting to all HDMI-capable devices. You can even use these devices to play games from your phone when you’re resting in your hotel room.
    Author Bio
    Katleen Brown, a content writer. She loves to publish her articles on various technical related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and writing articles to bring awareness. She is working as Communication Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with her on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  • wordpress-edition-2016

    Schedule, Automate, Outsource! – WordPress Edition

    WordPress is a versatile cms platform used by myriad of business organizations and individuals across the globe. Getting the most of it is what helps people gain an edge over the competition, so it is no wonder that they strive to schedule, automate and outsource much of the work. This holy trinity of content management systems allows you to focus on the important things and allocate resources more efficiently. So, free up more time for key task and contain your energy to avoid running out of steam. These are the strategies that will help your business grow and flourish.


    Time is money indeed, and these forces must not work against you. Get your priorities straight and evaluate the impact of various aspects of your operations on the profits and business goals. See what tasks you spent the most time on, and access whether that paid off. Bloggers should consider writing posts ahead of time and scheduling the exact moment of publication. Using the publish section is simple as ABC, but the trick is to identify the time when readers are most active. Users can also employ the Editorial Calendar plan to visualize the timetable and publishing schedule.

    Of course, do not forget to help the blogosphere notice your posts and add more update services that send signals to the search engines. Social media efforts are a vital piece of the puzzle that often needs scheduling. Therefore, many people decide to frontload the content and post it daily. The audience expects a steady flow of engaging posts, so it is best to come up with it without breaking the bank or working around the clock. Muse on syncing the accounts on multiple social networks to further boost your capacities to serve the appropriate content.


    Outsourcing your work
    Office and business administration are demanding aspects of your day-to-day operations and they can easily slow you down. Dealing with piles of paperwork, receipts, bills and notes is tedious without the help of admin plugins. Furthermore, storing information and customer data is the area where there is probably room for improvement. Put a contact form on the website and automate the process of the update. Take on the problem of extensive consumer queries and support by anticipating the common questions and issues, and coming up with answers and solutions in advance.

    The underlying logic is embodied in the model of batch processing, which groups similar tasks and aims at tackling them together. Activities that can be encompassed by batch processing are social media promotion, bill payment, stock ordering, etc. Dealing with the avalanche of emails and responding to them is another one of those nerve-wracking ordeals that should be automated. Also, with the help of a WordPress event ticketing system one can automate the selling process and save a great deal of time.


    Even the most capable individuals and teams cannot operate on their own in the complex business environment. For example, conducting a market research is the cornerstone of successful marketing and sales performance, but this is a time-consuming process. Services such as Mechanical Turk and websites like Elance provide the means for finding and evaluating professionals of all backgrounds and credentials, including individuals with advanced analytical skills. Web design is also a task which requires deeper technical knowledge, and designers in this field are among the most numerous freelancers on the market.

    Developers and programmers are in the same position, so give outsourcing a try if you need them. Also, note that sometimes one can snatch outsourcing opportunities with the minimal cost associated. Guest posting is actually a great way to outsource content creation without much spending, and this is particularly handy during holiday and your times off. So, do not endorse a rigid mindset that is afraid of relinquishing control and delegating tasks to those who possess more expertise and time to nail them.

    The Next Level of Business

    A modern businessman must explore abundant opportunities to take the online presence and operations to the next level. Even if you are a one-man-enterprise and a jack of all traits, there are strategies to tackle tasks more efficiently. Assemble a list of business practices you would like to enhance and classify them by the order of importance. The next step is to identify the tasks you can outsource, those you are better off automating and activities that need to be scheduled in advance. This way, you may finally dedicate time to things that are really important, get more things done, and achieve your business goals.