Positive Effects of Video Games

Children are the ones who are most active with video games compared to teens and adults. This leads to concerns in parents on whether playing games such as Runescape Gold do have a negative influence on them, such as stemming up anti-social behavior, a high level of obesity, prone them to get engaged into gun violence and so on.

However, parents and guardians do often overlook the positive impact this has their children’s overall development.

  1. Children embrace more sophisticated techniques to solve problems which they learn by playing such games as they can resolve conflicts from the techniques they get to learn here.
  2. Players do need to work with hands and eyes together while playing such games. For instance, in arcade games where there are enemies lurking at every nook and corner of the game and the players must wok their eyes (to look out for the enemies) and hands (to move the controls to kill them) together on order to protect their character in the alien territory.
  3. Strategically games such as Clash of Clans and World of Warcraft do require the players to devise several tactics to analyze and to make sure there is no error being made that would end the game. Therefore, all the moves have to be logical in such games to maintain the winning streak.
  4. As fingers and thumb are used while controlling the avatar on the screen along with the eyes on the action occurring on the screen along with the mind is on the buttons being pressed and on the screen to help improve the motor skills and also helps players learn how to multi-task in their everyday lives.
  5. Players are supposed to devise several and various strategies to outsmart their enemies in the games and eliminate them in whatever way to stay on strong in the game- this helps in improving their competence in making appropriate decisions at any point of time in the real world.
  6. There are a fear and concern that video games do make children antisocial but this has proven to be otherwise. Multi-player games do require connecting with other players via many social links present. This gives the children to interact with others on other parts of the globe which helps in making them more open-minded as well they get to learn a lot about a wide range of topics which they might not learn from their individual surroundings. However this could have either positive or negative impact on the upbringing of the children so the guardians must have a watchful eye on such interaction or if they begin any unusual behavioral changes taking place.
  7. Multi-player games do require the players to play in a group, consult with everyone in the group and decide required to achieve a particular goal in the game. This will be a good ground for practice when they can use the same skills they got to learn while playing the games to complete assignments or tasks being provided in their place of study or work later in life.
  8. As video games do require the players to complete the tasks to achieve a particular goal, this would be a good arena to learn on how to achieve set goals in the most effective way possible.
  9. The Every game requires its players to have undeterred concentration while playing it to complete it. This will teach them how to improve their concentration ability to complete any task in real life.
  10. Games have always been a vital tool to help eliminate stress in children who come from schools or colleges with loads of tasks to complete as homework. The less stress they suffer, the less aggressive they would be later in life and this would also have a positive impact on their health. Various researches have also been done to support these hypotheses. As several games do require the players to move their legs or hands while playing this would improve their muscle activity and help them stay fit.

After going through several advantages of having video games, it can be easily said the video games are not stuff to be bashed off to keep the children under check. Getting games that would help in an overall active development in children would be a better decision.

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