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There is hardly an office or a household in the major cities that has not got a router. However, with changing technology it is always in the best interest of the user to get the best router so as to enjoy maximum benefit of the high speed internet connection.

I recommend to buy the routers of a well known brand or manufacturer.

By doing so you will get number of benefits as if you met with any problem you can search the solution online. On internet you can easily find default router settings to reset and fix the problem.

To ease the process of hunting for the best router, here is a list of some of the best router manufacturers and their models that you will find in the market.

  • D-Link – D-Link remains one of the top choices among all users till date. It is among the best and the most affordable routers available in the market. It has got a number of variations, the major models being
    • DIR-816L
    • DIR-868L
    • DWR-116
    • DSL-3580L

Depending upon the number of available slots and the coverage area the models change.

  • TP-Link – This is among the largest manufacturers of routers and is among the market leaders. The available variety of models of this router manufacturer is huge and depending upon the needs and preferences the right router can be chosen. The model number will be mentioned on the box of the router.
  • 4G Systems – 4G Systems is also among the top rated and most used routers available in the market. The most popular models are
    • XSBox Move
    • XSBox Go+ LTE
    • XSBox Go+
    • XSBox Go
    • XSBox R6v
    • XSBox R4v

There might be other available models as well. Make sure you are selecting the latest version available in the market to enjoy maximum speed.

  • Buffalo – Buffalo is among the largest brands in the market of router manufacturers. They have a number of variety and models available, namely
    • WMR-433
    • WMR-300
    • WHR-300HP
    • WHR-300HP2
    • WCR-GN
    • WZR-600DHP
    • WHR-HP-GN
    • WHR-HP-G300N

You will find some more models as well in the market. The model numbers are available on the top of the box. Check out the features and select the one that best fits your purpose and budget.

  • ASUS – ASUS is a trusted name in the world of computer and computer parts. There are numerous models available from ASUS and each router adheres to the quality that is guaranteed by the brand name. It is among the most preferred brands as well.

Each router will have its own setting and default username and password. You should remember to change it to your preferred username and password once you have installed the router. Make sure to note down the username and password in a safe location as well.

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