credit card security tips

Among the most alarming credit card frauds of the recent times,the worst of all is the identity theft. Thieves usually steal your social security number, phone number or financial account information, address by various means and uses it to open up lines of credit in your name.While there are plenty of expensive ways to do away with it, there are some no-cost tips too, that will guard your credit card from the threats of identity theft.

1. Information needs online protection:

Clear the login and associated details, when you do online shopping or doing any transaction online. Always be alert of phishing that leads spam or pop-ups mimic authentic banks or businesses to obtain your personal information. Never give in to this kind of mails as these are the ways to access your accounts.

2. Monitor your account statements:

It’s important to monitor your bank account and credit card statements regularly. This will help you get a grip on the regular transaction taking place from your account.

3. Mailing address should be verified:

Often the identity bandits fill out the address forms with wrong details,so that the criminal credit transactions are always out of the radar of your actual billing address.So, verify your mailing and billing address properly.

4. Shred sensitive documents:

A shredder will help you to shred out the redundant and outdated bank account statements, credit card applications, previous bills and every thing online,before trashing it. Many a times, Junk mails also contain several personal details, which are used for phishing.This is an important step for ID theft protection.

5. Fraud alerts & credit freezes:

Some identity-theft protectors install fraud alerts on your files,which make your credit card information protected. Credit freeze is the most effective steps that can be deployed to protect against identity-theft.Icing your files will prevent any company from accessing your credit, as long as you do not do any business with them. So, whenever there’s any new creditor, he can’t access your credit card information without your prior permission.

Identity-theft is one of the potentially increasing threats nowadays. Use these tips right away to safeguard your credit card from being used unethically. Identity guard system can also help you keep secure and safe your accounts and money.

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