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The iCloud Control Panel from Apple requires Outlook to sync your iCloud contacts in Windows. But you can sync your iCloud contacts and calendar with Windows 10’s People and Calendar apps without having the iCloud Control Panel installed. Here’s how!

Step 1

In the People app, in left panel, there are two menu items: “+ New” and the “…” menu (also known as the “More” menu). Click on the More menu and then click “Settings.”

Sync iCloud Contacts with Windows 10

Step 2

In the Settings page, click “Add an account.”.

Sync iCloud Contacts

Step 3

You’ll be presented with a number of sync sources. Choose the “iCloud” account.

Sync iCloud Contact

Step 4

In the next page, enter the email address you use for your iCloud account, then click the “Sign In” button.

How to Sync iCloud Contacts

Step 5

Once you’ve signed in, the People app will download all of your iCloud contacts and keep them in sync. If you add a contact in the People app, it will ask you where you’d like to save it. Select “iCloud” to make sure your contacts stay in sync. That’s it! No iCloud Control Panel needed!

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