Identity Guard Cost

To curb the growing threats of credit card frauds, identity guard is being arrived as a wonderful savior. From protecting your identity, the identity guard also protects every minute data that is being associated with your credit card and can be for unethical dealings. A lot of credit card holders nowadays are accessing the benefits of identity guard to enjoy a comprehensive security.

However, getting a good deal for the identity guard is important, if you want to utilize its comprehensive benefit. Here’s a detailed overview on the same.

Cost as per Customization
The cost of identity guard product depends essentially on the features and customization it offers. Here’s a brief.

1. Identity Guard Essentials / $9.99 Per Month
This product comes with the following benefits:

• 24/7 Assistance to the Identity Theft Victim: As a victim of identity theft, accessing the benefits of this product will give you the assistance of highly trained experts , dedicated to ease a stressful situation and recover the victim from the trap of the frauds.
• $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance: It also gives you a coverage of $1 million to deal with your losses in case of an identity theft.

2. Total Protection / $19.99 Per Month
An advanced version of the previous one, the “total protection” package comes with the following:

• 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring: It helps monitoring your credit profiles encompassing all 3 three major Credit Reporting Agencies. They work round the clock in order to keep a close watch on every transaction. Also they let you know in case there is any changes, which may include new credit applications‚ mortgages‚ credit cards‚ or loans in your name.

• Credit Scores: They help you get to know the credit limit you are eligible for just before making a new purchase. It offers a detailed overview of your credit scores.

3. Platinum Plan / $24.99 Per Month
This is the best of the lot as it comes with the benefits of both worlds. The biggest advantage is the fact the instead of getting quarterly credit score updates, the Platinum plan can get you the updates on a monthly basis.

So, it’s time to avail any of these plans as per your requirements, so that you can curb the threats of identity theft in due course.

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